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Competitive Advantages


Ensenada is the city with the best quality of life in México’s North Western region. It is located 60 miles south of the US border, in Baja California, the Mexican state with the highest concentration of foreign industrial manufacturing facilities. Ensenada shares all the industrial benefits of a border city and at the same time its quality of life ensures the development of a stable business, as well as other important factors like:

  • Proximity to the main markets in the West of the US and Asia.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Technical labor force.
  • Education profile favoring engineering, science and technology.
  • The lowest turnover rate in Northwestern Mexico.
  • Wide range of local suppliers.
  • Excellent business environment.
  • Economic development based on liaison programs between private sector, academy and government.

The city counts with a diversified economy that goes from Manufacturing, Commerce, Tourism, Fishing Industry, Agribusiness, Mining, and Sea Port related industry. It also counts with different amenities such as shopping, abundant gourmet restaurants, important wine country culture, ecotourism and outdoor sports activities, bilingual local culture and constant major cultural events, among others.